Google is conducting a market research programme around the world called Screenwise Select Panel. Many organisations use market research to help them understand how users are interacting with their products and services. This market research project will help Google learn more about people’s media habits, on the web and elsewhere, and develop new and improved opportunities for their users, customers and partners. In the UK, the Screenwise Select Panel is being run by independent market research company Kantar, one of the world’s leading market research groups.

The Screenwise Select Panel brings together people and households from across the UK. The information they provide will help to build a picture of how people in the UK use their TVs and the Internet at home.

The panel is by invitation only – it is not open to broader membership. Members are specially selected to make sure that we hear from a representative group of people, and so that the panel represents the technology usage patterns of the entire population.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little TV you watch, or how much or how little you use the Internet – we’re interested in the information that everyone can provide.

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