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Kantar Screenwise Select Panel Terms & Conditions

Version 3.4

Last Updated 1st November 2022

Terms and Conditions

These Kantar Screenwise Select Panel Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) are entered into by Kantar Media and Kantar Worldpanel (“Kantar”) and the individual that accepts these terms (“you” or “Panelist”). You agree that your participation in the Screenwise Select Panel as offered to you by Google (“Panel”) will be governed by these Terms and the Google Screenwise Select Panel Terms & Conditions. Please read both sets of Terms carefully. The Panel is a project undertaken in collaboration between Google and Kantar.

1. Accepting the Terms

1.1. Before you can accept these Terms, you will be asked to review and accept the separate Google and Kantar Screenwise Select Panel Privacy Policies (“Privacy Policies”) and how the Privacy Policies govern both Google and Kantar’s ability to collect, store, use, and share the information obtained during your participation in the Panel.

1.2. In order to participate in the Panel, you must first agree to both the Google and Kantar Terms and the Privacy Policies. You may not participate in the Panel if you do not accept all the Terms and the Privacy Policies.

2. Your Participation in the Panel

2.1. You agree to carry out the following activities as a condition of your continued membership of the Panel;

2.1.1. To have a TV Meter (provided by Kantar) connected to each actively used TV set in your home and to indicate your presence in a room when a TV is switched on, via a remote handset (provided by Kantar).

2.1.2. To have a Web Meter (provided by Google) connected to the existing household broadband connection and to connect each Panelist internet browsing device to this new network, disabling any pre-existing household Wi-Fi network.

2.1.3. To install metering software (provided by Google) on each compatible browsable Panelist device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone)

2.1.4. To identify yourself at each internet browsing session conducted on each Panelist device both in and out of home.

3. Your Rewards

3.1 Upon acceptance of these Terms and the Privacy Policies, a new or existing Panelist reward account will be provided for each Panelist Household to credit reward points for participation in the Panel for as long as you remain a member of the Panel.

3.2 Reward points can be redeemed for Reward options which typically consist of a range of different retail and leisure vouchers in both electronic and paper form. Reward points can also be donated to Kantar approved charities.

3.3. Rewards and Reward options are described in more detail on or equivalent existing Panel Member Website (“the Websites”) or in the Panelist welcome pack and are subject to change from time to time without prior notice.

3.4. Reward points can be redeemed for Reward options on-line at the Websites or by calling the rewards helpdesk ( or freephone 0800 0159920). Panelist Reward Account balances can be checked anytime on-line at the Website or by calling the rewards helpdesk.

3.5 Reward points are credited on or around the 20th of each calendar month for your continued participation in the Panel as set out in section 2.1. Bonus Reward points are credited for reaching qualifying lengths of service. Reward points can also be awarded for completion of various other separate research tasks (such as questionnaire completion) offered to you from time to time.

3.6 Reward points are issued at a rate of 1,000 reward points = £1, are not transferable and cannot be used for any purpose other than for redeeming for Reward options on this Panel.

3.7. Redemption orders must have a minimum value of 10,000 reward points (£10).

3.8. Redemption order values of £80 or lower will be sent via standard post, those with a value of between £80 and £119 will be sent via recorded post and all other Redemption order values will be sent via registered post.

3.9. Redemption orders will only be sent to the Panelist address or primary e-mail address only (the ones registered with Kantar at that time).

3.10 Upon termination of Panel Membership, no further reward points will be credited after this date (“SWS Membership Closure Date”).

3.11 Upon termination of Panel Membership the Panelist Reward Account will be suspended immediately until such time as the TV Meters and Web Meter (“the Meters”) have been returned to Kantar.

3.12 Upon receipt of the Meters the Panelist Reward Account will be re-activated so you can redeem any residual reward points until the Panelist Reward Account is terminated 56 days following the SWS Membership Closure Date.

3.13 Kantar reserve the right to temporarily freeze Panelist Reward Accounts to cover extended periods where the Panelist cannot participate in the Panel as laid out in section 2.1. (E.g. for extended holidays, sickness, moving home etc.)

3.14 Placing a rewards redemption order under the UK Screenwise Select Panel rewards programme implies agreement of the general Orders and Returns Policy and Order terms published on the Websites.

3.15 Panelists are also eligible for a range of Member Benefits when certain qualifying lengths of Membership are reached. Full details are available on the Websites or in the Panelist welcome pack and are subject to change from time to time without prior notice.